That Twitch

Most professional photographers have this twitch. It’s that visceral response when we see a photo session posted, usually on Facebook, that falls well beyond the pale of professional.  And that “twitch” isn’t because of the myriad of hobbyist in the field that drop the expectations of all potential clients. No, the response is feeling badly for the people that actually paid good money thinking they would have something timeless to hold on to.


I’m not knocking the hobbyist – we all were one at one time – but when you take money for less than professional work it does hurt the entire industry.

So what spurred this note? I won’t name names.  But please, if you are going to sell your services, learn how to handle your lighting and composition.  If you work around dappled shade, you need to compensate with external lighting or reflectors.

Not sure how to reproduce a pose you saw on Pinterest? Take a class or stay simple.

Low light giving you fits? Learn your camera, take a class. Do something other than making your client pay for something that they will not like.

Again, not being hard on hobbyist … just hard on hobbyist that charge money for less than professional work.

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